La bellezza crea emozioni, ci fanno sentire vivi, la bellezza è dunque vita.
SEN5E è un viaggio nella bellezza.
SEN5E è una performance a/v e un’istallazione interattiva che vuole esaltare le nostre chiavi di lettura per riconoscere la bellezza.

We are surrounded by beauty, which manifests itself in every form and is lived through our senses.
SEN5E comes from such senses.
We combined sensory experiences and technology in a creative way, experimenting with the artistic performance of such union.
The performer lives five sensory experiences, which are tracked by sensors generating multimedia content.
We used the face as catalyst for different moods.
The face is the natural transducer for emotions: it transforms our energy in expressions of joy and wonder, as well as disgust and annoyance.
Can a face recognition algorithm analyse the experience of sense stimulation and, in turn, create other multimedia content?
All this content will create a single framework in which the performer and, eventually, the user, will be able to reflect on the experience they just lived.